About Us

On The Spot Massage Academy’s mission is to empower students and optimize their full learning potential in a safe, caring, therapeutic environment while preparing them for a successful career path.

Our founder and main instructor, Shawn, has been in the massage field for 30 years. He has a passion for restoring and rehabilitating people through body work techniques. Now licensed and accredited, he is sharing his in-depth knowledge and refined modalities with others to help them become exceptional therapists.

Our Story

Shawn Garrett started his journey into massage therapy back in 1994 when he graduated from massage school. Through the years, he was able to develop his own style of functional therapy to help people move and function better. Once his youngest daughter got married, he started doing his style of therapy full-time and soon built up a thriving practice. Shawn saw the need for a massage therapy school in Abilene to help train therapists to become the successful professionals that are in high demand today.

Meet Our Instructors



Shawn Garrett

Shawn is the founder and owner of On the Spot Massage academy. Shawn specializes in functional therapy and has a thriving practice. He will teach all aspects of the program. Shawn is a family man having a wife of 31 yrs, two daughters and a grandson. Besides his work, he loves to fish, workout and just spend quality time with the family.

Instructor – Abilene

Marianne Sabo

Marianne is from Abilene and has been a massage therapist for several years. She has her own practice. She will teach all aspects of the program at certain times.