Massage therapy is a broad field with many different modalities, or technique specialties, to choose from. As a student enrolled in the On the Spot Massage Academy, our instructors will help you to decide what your modality will be. When choosing a massage therapy modality, it is important to consider your personal interests, goals, and the needs of your prospective clients.

If you decide that your modality might be towards deep tissue or lymph massage, then during the school, we’re going to help you to maximize your potential.

“We help you here at the school, and as you go through, whatever you gravitate to… once you graduate, you really never stop learning. Graduation from a school is really just your starting point.”

Shawn Garrett

There are many different paths that students can pursue; each modality might have an offshoot. The theory of Rolfing is one area. Rolfing is a structural realignment that uses deep pressure to release the fascia (connective tissue); however, you can also add it to your deep tissue, Shiatsu, etc.

Deep tissue massage uses firm pressure to reach deeper layers of muscle tissue. It is a good choice for helping clients with chronic pain, muscle tension, or injuries. Shiatsu massage uses finger pressure to stimulate acupressure points. It is a good choice for people who want to improve circulation, reduce stress, and promote relaxation.

Finally, you should also consider the needs of your desired clients when choosing a massage therapy modality. Being willing to learn new techniques and adapt your style to meet the needs of your clients is essential for success.

Choosing a massage therapy modality is an important decision. By considering your personal interests, goals, and the needs of your prospective clients, you can choose a modality that will be both enjoyable and effective.